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4 days ago

Jimmy Rankin

Sending love and prayers for John Prine who is in critical condition with Covid-19. πŸ™ ... See MoreSee Less

Sending love and prayers for John Prine who is in critical condition with Covid-19. πŸ™


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Sending positive thoughts that he gets well <3

Tanya Babcock

πŸ™πŸ™πŸ’œ♥️ prayers and love sent for John and family.

I have a video on my phone of you & John singing Paradise together. Hard to say who had the bigger smile that night on stage. God Bless JP πŸ™πŸ»

prayers for John and family

sending love and prayers for John PrineπŸ’–

Love and prayers sent

Hoping and praying that JP gets through this scourge . I just know he'd come up with a new song about it .

Prayers for John



I sure hope he makes er through...

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2 weeks ago

Jimmy Rankin

Caught the last plane out of Guadeloupe yesterday and continuing the journey home this morning. Ottawa Airport is like a ghost town. Now Heading in to 14 days of self isolation. Any tips?? Hope you are all safe and well. πŸ™ ... See MoreSee Less

Caught the last plane out of Guadeloupe yesterday and continuing the journey home this morning.  Ottawa Airport is like a ghost town.  Now Heading in to 14 days of self isolation.   Any tips??  Hope you are all safe and well.  πŸ™


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Hi Jimmy. Rankin family always been a favorite of mine. Glad your back on your home turf. Go home isolate for at least 14days. Buy stock for at least 14days. Lots of rest. It helps your immune system. Plenty of fluids. Get on U Tub. We all 9ve you.

Glad you can get home. Stay safe and a live video of you singing would really make a difference in eveyone going though this pandemic. Keep the gloves on and mask on your way home. Look forward to that Causeway and wave as you go by Havre Boucher. πŸ™

You really should have a car delivered to the Airport, that way you can drive home, much safer. Good luck. maybe we willl hear a few songs whilw you are in for your 14 days. Stay safe.

I was wondering about you this morning!! We're on day 8 of self- Isolation! You must focus on health especially mental health. Do all the things you want to do but never have time! Also, meditation, yoga, online fitness classes, reading and home renovations! Get someone to drop your groceries off at your door! Pray!πŸ™β€

Yes my old buddy , get home and stay there and don’t let anybody in but Mia and the kids ,,,, whoever picks you up must also self isolate , for the same 14 day period . Then write , sing and relax with the fam ,,,, maybe pick a night to skype a concert from the Rankin family ,,, and anything your crazy talented heart wants to share . Stay safe Jimmy , I don’t know anybody who wouldn’t drop off supplies ,,,, order up and hunker down ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️✌️🌹

You can borrow books from your library if you have a library card. If you have really young kids somewhere in the family, you can write a very short story about them. They love it. Leave it outside your door and maybe someone can put it in the mailbox for you. Give yourself the biggest gift call good old school friends you haven’t talked to sense you were a teen. Call the long time Aunts and Uncles. The new craze on Net Flex is Tiger King. Orzark is supposed to be a fantastic showAnd if your really bored check out my daughters art page Katie Doiron’s art lol. Learn a language on google or sign language take this time my son for yourself. We can listen to your music

Happy to see your making it home. Safe flight, be well and since you will have lots of time on your hands, maybe....You can play for me the song I've never been able to hear live..Tripper!

So glad you will able to get home. Hope someone has stocked up some groceries for you. Take care and I hope you and your family will stay well.

A lot of musicians are doing live mini concerts to entertain both themselves and others. Would love to hear you sing and play 🎢🎡🎢....even though I am not completely stuck at home (I am a nurse) it helps ease the stress of the day. Stay well ❀️

My husband and I and our youngest daughter are self isolating as she had to return from a study abroad in Vienna...I am just so thankful to get her home! And I'm listening to a lot of Jimmy Rankin music!

Welcome back to Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦, go directly home, do not go into any stores on your drive home, stay Safe

Safe travels. Would be nice to have a FB concert of a few tunes when you are up to it!

Hey JIMMY ... Glad you and family made it back ok. Hope all goes well next 2 weeks. Do some online singing for your many fans. Was so nice when you did that last time. It will increase your popularity especially to those who have not heard your wonderful music ever or lately. Look forward to that. Keep safe. Was your hands a lot. Make sure you have hand cream. Your skin will get very dry and sore. Take the opportunity to fully sanitize your living space.

Do a Facebook concert to help pass your time and for our enjoyment. Glad you are back in the country.

Be safe, bring your guitar with you - and play a couple of songs for us on Facebook during your isolation please

Buy lots of hand soap .. paper towel. And mouth wash with high alcohol content. . And gargle and rinse often as possible..I’m not sure why people are stocking up on TP.?? Put your cloths in a bag at the door soon as you get in and wash them . And if eating on the plane? eat only hot food stay away from cold salads and fruit . .. stay safe God bless safe travels...πŸ™

Could you provide us fans with a bit of you performing live . A bit of positive in these uncertain times πŸ™πŸŽΌπŸŽ€

So glad to hear/see you made it home. A few songs on FB live would be great if you can, highlander is a request from me.

Write some amazing music Jimmy ! Give us something to look forward to when we can all gather to see you play ! 🎢

Be well! Maybe a Facebook live concert from you kitchen would help pass the time!

Play some tunes! Would love to hear Wasted. Still have my signed copy of Song Dog

Hope you have essential services because I don't and self isolating im not

Stay safe! I am making some reusable masks so we will not run out on Cape Breton Island!

The best and only tip is... just go straight home. Someone can drop groceries off at your door. Just go home and be safe.

Glad to hear you are able to get home to your family ❀️ Keep immune system up I Would Wash everything well or better yet leave it all outside for at least 72 hours Shoes and all I think we cannnot be too safe and smart on this one Can live on cardboard 24 hours and plastic for three days Herbs herbs herbs God Bless

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2 weeks ago

Jimmy Rankin

A bit of Mabou in Guadeloupe taken last Sunday, the last night before lockdown took effect. ... See MoreSee Less

A bit of Mabou in Guadeloupe taken last Sunday, the last night before lockdown took effect.


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My son wrote a song, I thought it was cute, but I am his mother. Its called get your shine on. He is not a singer but i thought the song was catchie! Check my facebook page, it is on there.

Saw you for the first time last year in fort Saskatchewan. Bought all of your cds and they havent left my jeep since. Started playing guitar and love trying to learn your songs! Would love to hear a Facebook live performance as we self isolate here in Edmonton! Colorado Dave and The Hurtin Part would be my requests! To you and your family...be well!

Be safe

Stay safe ♥️

That's priceless! MABOU--YA! Talked to JSt.C this evening...he & I both hope all 4 of you get across the Canadian border safely!

So glad I was introduced to your music. I’m just saying and here in my heart are two of my favorites. Thank you Jimmy!

Looking healthy, You and the Family stay that way <3

Once you’re safely back home, will you do a FB live concert for us too?

Hope you getting back home sooner than later.

Stay home Jimmy with your family and be SAFE

To you & family ...stay safe!

Stay safe, great picture

Stay safe and healthy jimmy

Be safe our CB Treasure.

Great pic Jimmy! Have fun and be safe.

are you choosing to stay put for now? At least it's a lovely spot. Take care.

😊 be safe and well!

Stay safe, Jimmy.

Hope you’re writing!!! Hurry home!xo

Stay healthy and safe

Be safe my friend πŸ˜·πŸ‘

You might be safer there than in Canada!!

Stay safe

Stay safe Jimmy.

Be safe.

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3 weeks ago

Jimmy Rankin

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy out there. Self isolating in Guadeloupe trying to figure out how to get back home sooner rather than later... Take care all ❀️ ... See MoreSee Less

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy out there.   Self isolating in Guadeloupe trying to figure out how to get back home sooner rather than later... Take care all ❀️


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Take care, Jimmy, and if you don't mind me passing along a treatment protocol from Mexico (yes, I'm still in lockup, but home)...

We’re in Martinique at Club Med. We’re waiting to find out when we’re getting home too. The Club is closing Saturday. I’m a fellow Cape Bretoner we’ll get through this no problem Jimmy. Good luck.

Swimming is probably quicker at this point. Stay safe good man. Use this time to get inspired. Peace!

Hurry home Jimmy! The timeline for allowing flights in is shrinking and I believe you'll be diverted to only 1 of 4 Airports in Canada...Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto or Montreal where you're held for a period. Safe travels!

Hope you get home soon, take care and God bless.

You are definitely the gold at the end of rainbow 🌈 what an awesome picture! Hope you come home safe soon...we miss you

Stay safe jimmy! I'm officially off work for 3 weeks so we are staying put in the house and I'm taking the opportunity to purge,clean and disinfect......all while listening to your music of course

You’ll have to isolate yourself but Canada is bringing up the drawbridge as of today. If you’re a citizen you’re allowed but things are dire.

You better head home or plan on staying there 8 weeks!

Stay safe and well and hope you get back home soon 😊 lovely place to be self isolated 😊😊

Believe me, there are worse places to be stuck at this time! 😜 Enjoy the warm weather while you can πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘

What a place to have to self quarantine, Highlander!!! <3 You all stay well <3

with the cross and the rainbow in the background...looks like you have things under control...you take care also

I pray something works out for you. Stay healthy and safe β€οΈπŸ™πŸΌ

You may want to consider keeping your ass planted down there on the beaches. Nothing going on in CB anyway with everything closing down and the general population stayin inside. Jez sayin'

My Sister and Brother-in-Law are there as well. They have a connecting flight arranged coming into Halifax. The problem they have is getting the flight to Montreal. The last they heard that there flight may not be before Sunday.

Safe health and travels to you Jimmy Rankin.

Come home as soon as you can,,,,,safe travels for all !!!!

Take care Jimmy!Stay safe!

Hope you have a guitar with you! Take care of yourself Jimmy!

Get home were it's safe and sound xo

What a beautiful place. If your family is with you -- just enjoy it.

Nice, and good luck,,, maybe a sailboat.πŸ€”

I have sailed past that point! Guadeloupe, great Island.Beware of Pirates.

Beautiful place. Went there a couple of years ago.

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1 month ago

Jimmy Rankin

Sending prayers for Nashville ❀️ ... See MoreSee Less

Sending prayers for Nashville ❀️

1 month ago

Jimmy Rankin

Hey Rhonda - Happy belated birthday!πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸ₯³ ... See MoreSee Less

1 month ago

Jimmy Rankin

Summer's coming....Don't miss the amazing 2020 lineup for Nova Scotia Summer Fest - early bird tickets available until February 29th on our website ... See MoreSee Less

Summers coming....


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Th early bird purchase date is Feb 28 this venue is just Monday March 2 / 20

Whoa...The Trews in their own backyard,would be great...

Can’t wait!

1 month ago

Jimmy Rankin

Happy birthday John Medeiros!! ... See MoreSee Less

Happy birthday John Medeiros!!


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Happy Birthday

Happy birthday!

Just seen Heather Rankin I n concert. Awesome show. Hope to see you in july Jimmy hope your playing at home

Can you message me about a nomination I made for your family. Thanks.


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2 months ago

Jimmy Rankin

Happy Valentines Day❣️ ... See MoreSee Less

Happy Valentines Day❣️


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Hi Jimmy, I am downstairs cutting material for the quilt that I am working, listening to Parlor Medley, the question popped into my head, “How do you write these songs?” Do you hear a melody in your head, or do you get a lyric and then put it to music? I find what you do fascinating, as I am so untalented, but love music and truly admire what you do!❀️

Happy Valentines Day! A perfect day to listen to my favourite singer! Love you Jimmy Rankin ❀️

Happy valentines to you and your beautiful family ❀️

Happy Valentines Day Jimmy! Got that Back Road Paradise playing in my head❀️

Happy Valentines to you both

Happy Valentines Day to you too!

Same to you and your family. πŸ’—πŸ‘

Happy Valentine’s Day jimmy and Mia ❀️🌹

Thank u the same and hugs to u and yours

Happy Valentine's day.

Same to u

Thanks Jimmy. When will you be by???? Lol

Happy Valentine's Day to you ,my favorite singer !!

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