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Jimmy Rankin

Hey Canada! Kicking off my Route 19 tour this Friday, September 20th The Mary Webb Centre For The Arts in Highgate, ON! Playing songs from Moving East, hits and classics. See you soon! ... See MoreSee Less

Hey Canada!  Kicking off my Route 19 tour this Friday,  September 20th The Mary Webb Centre For The Arts in Highgate, ON!  Playing songs from Moving East, hits and classics.  See you soon!


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Gonna miss you at the Artisean in Regina this year. But a great venue, and the Manager and bar tending staff are amazing. I will be touring Route 19

So excited to see you in Napanee’s DogHouse Studios! Thank you much for this tour!! I could jump to the moon!! ♥️♥️♥️

Tomorrow will be an all Rankin music experience playing in the halls of my wee college music program. It is always refreshing to hear my students come into my office and ask who is performing on my speaker system.

Awesome, thanks Jimmy for sharing your Gift of Music. ✌️😁👍

You would be so welcome to Trail BC. You have been here before . I am originally from Inverness and would love to have you out here .❤

So sad I'm going to miss it. Love your shows.

No you will give it all Jimmy. I was saying the other day a true entertainer always tells a little story before he sings the song seems to make the audience listen more example highlander which I shared to clan Chisholm few singers will do that👍

See you Friday!

Would have loved to see him to short of a notice has our daughter and her husband comes in from Florida to day .SHUCKS

Giver Jimmy and band 🎼

Nice pic👍

Go rock the world Jimmy...like you do!! Safe travels! Catch you in the ‘Peg the next time through! 🎶🎶🦅❤️

U r the best Jimmy.

See you in Lindsay!

Will you being in Niagara fall area

Jimmy I wish you would come to Cranbrook BC


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1 week ago

Jimmy Rankin

We got our power back in Halifax in the wee hours of the morning. How is everyone doing out there? ... See MoreSee Less


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Still waiting here in Lockeport. Thank goodness for helpful neighbours!

530pm for most of Inverness, still areas without. Greatful for the linesmen !!

Very lucky we got ours last night at supper time. 😊

Never lost our power in Plymouth,Pictou County. Very lucky!

We were blessed..didnt lose power and not a tree fell in around house

I’m glad everyone in Halifax is safe.

Great got power back yesterday early afternoon and tv and internet back this afternoon .. in barrington N S . How Jimmy doing this evening..??

Power came on late this morning. However, was gwrting ready to leave for town and my daughter noticed power pole on fire 😔 back to the land of darkness. Stay safe friends

Great Jimmy.Got mine back Sunday night around 6 once a tree was removed from the power lines

Hey Jimmy, Bridgewater is up and running for the most part but so many closer to the shore will be out till Thursday evening yet. So glad you and your family are safe 🙂

Still in the darkness in Marion Bridge. 😔

In River Bourgeois still no power.... I am glad that a lot of people got their power back... we are hoping to get hours back soon maybe tomorrow... but they have an awful lot of work ahead.... a lot of wires down.... grateful for all the linesman!!!

Lost Sat in Port Hawkesbury. Estimated Restoration time 11 pm. Wed. Thankful for our generator.

Back in Inverness around 5:30 today.

awesome we never once lost power

None in Point Edward but this is what we are doing now ! Along with some wine....cheers !

Great...glad your safe...with some light...😀

Very lucky in Beaverbank. Lost power at 11:30 Saturday and back Sunday at 4 pm

Good in North Sydney as of 2 p.m. Sunday. Thankx N.S. Power

Power was off for about 30 hours here in the west end of Halifax. A generator and battery bank kept the house in good enough shape until the lights came back on. We were really getting tired of hitting the light switch every time we entered a room, swearing a little, and then putting the switch back to off.

Doing good in Stratford P.E.I.

We did too. Lots of damage done, I feel bad for the farmers crops. It's going to be a tough winter i think. 🙂

All good in glacé bay a few people still without power but nothing major. Thanks for asking

Had power entire storm and then went out this morning at 11am and came back around 6pm, Albro Lake / Micmac Mall area of Dartmouth

None at my place in Chezzetcook A few trees on fire brought the lines down so it may be a while. Generator for the fridge and freezer and lots of flashlights and water poured off so we’re good.

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2 weeks ago

Jimmy Rankin

Hope you fared the hurricane better than this crane did! Still no power in Halifax. #Dorian ... See MoreSee Less

Hope you fared the hurricane better than this crane did!  Still no power in Halifax.  #DorianImage attachmentImage attachment


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We faired well in the Valley and we have power. Thank goodness no one got hurt. Could have been a lot worse. <3 Glad you are all safe <3

Glad you're safe!❤️

Hope the Mabou spot is ok Jimmy and family ❤️🌻

Scary stuff.Stratford P.E.I wasnt bad.Power only out for a few hours.Stay safe!

Thanks for sharing..stay safe❤🙏

Eek 😬 That looks bad. I hope nobody was injured... or worse!

Crazy storm, hope nobody got hurt

No power in Shelburne Jimmy

That video was frightening

Was a nasty storm

Just got mine back on Old Sambro road

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2 weeks ago

Jimmy Rankin

Mull River Shuffle ... See MoreSee Less


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Glad to call him one of ours !!

Great tune thanks for sharing

What a wonderful night!!! You never disappoint. 😁 (Should have brought my paint brush! 😉)

Love from inuvik

Not quite the same, without the original pack, would've been great to see even though

Awesome 👏

Loved it.

Love the Rankinsssss

Go Jimmy!!! The best!

Got my tickets for Fredericton can’t wait to dance to this song n many others woohoo

Awesome 👏

Love this!!!

I wish I was there

Wish I was there

Awesome show Jimmy!

Always love your music Jimmy!❤️💕

Great night! Thanks Jimmy

Awesome guy 😘

Great song, we played it at my wedding in NYC:). Love it!

Amazing show! So much fun!

Love it

Love it

Would love ❤️ to be there

You got the right! Love it!

Awesome song and performer!

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2 weeks ago

Jimmy Rankin

... See MoreSee Less


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Great stuff!

Which I was there. Great tune Jimmy!

Great tune

My favorite song!!


I will always love this song. ❤

Looks like tons of fun! Luv that song!

I get chills/goosebumps EVERY time I hear this song!! Thank-you for this song, Jimmy!!

You need to come back to the shore club again! Bring on the Cape Breton talent! 😍🙌🙌

Come back to Brockville, ON

Come to oshawa

Looking forward to seeing you in lloydminster. Mary Mac Lean

Come back to calgary

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3 weeks ago

Jimmy Rankin

Happy Labour Day weekend! ... See MoreSee Less


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Thanks for sharing happy weekend to you all too.

We look forward to each and every trip your dad makes out here. Can't wait for another good every Jimmy ♥️

Same to You and Yours Jimmy .. Spread the Joy, take no prisoners.. This ain't no rehearsal, it's later than we think and the World needs more "love machines" 🥰 🥰 🥰

Love it! Enjoy your last weekend of summer. Kendra & Kinsey are looking forward to seeing you again soon Chloe.

So sweet enjoy your weekend also Jimmy

Love it! So awesome! Have a great day tomorrow 🎻🎼🎼

Happy Labour Day🎉

We love your Dad!

She is a sweetie. I am sitting here at this moment listening to your song Highlander. 😊

Awe, we were on Cabot Trail, visted ur hometown of Mabou, and your sisters pub, had I known, would have stayed on...ox

Great job Chloe! New marketing staff 🙂

More than love!

Happy Labour Day weekend!! She is adorable!

Awesome ! ♥️♥️♥️

So sweet❤️

Amazing buddy

smart/sweet daughter!!!

On my bucket list!

She’s adorable .. happy sept 1st

Beautiful girl

was down that way Jimmy last summer ran out of time could not make it to the pub one stop we missed with regrets tks

Love it


September 20 in Highgate at The Mary Webb Centre

Wow. Best promotional video ever.

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3 weeks ago

Jimmy Rankin

From our house to yours Happy International Dog Day! ... See MoreSee Less

From our house to yours Happy International Dog Day!


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Cutie patootie 🥰

Cutie pie

What a face..so cute!!

Nice doggie 🐶

What a cutie!

You missed a great chance to upload a live version of “dog out in the rain” Jimmy!

Cute scruffmuffigan

Happy international dog day

Everyday is dog day at our house! 🤣

Hey Dad, I am all ears for your music!❤️


So cute

So cuteeee

You gots Good Critters Brother Jimmy.. "Keep on, keeping' on"..

Look at those ears.

Mischievous face.

Adorb <3

Happy International Dog Day to your fur baby!

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