What I Wouldn’t Give

By Jimmy Rankin, Patricia Conroy, Greg Becker

I woke up early
Took a walk in the Tennessee rain
Since you left Nashville
Even the drops don’t fall the same
There’s a hole in my chest where my heart used to live
What I wouldn’t give

I wouldn’t hold you when you needed me most
So I don’t blame you for your new life on the coast
But now you’re gone, gone, gone and I’m gonna have to live
With what I wouldn’t give

Just to have another one of those thousand days I threw away
I thought I’d never miss
Just to have one tiny chance to go right back and change the past
Before it came to this
What I wouldn’t give

I swear next time I’ll give my all, give my best
That’s what I would do
There would be no holding back just holding on
Holding on to you

My last dollar, my last cigarette
Put down this bottle
Never place another bet
And if it’s not too late you can take my last breath
What I wouldn’t give
What I wouldn’t give

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