Mojo reviews ‘Moving East’

Reviewed By: Sylvie Simmons

Penny Black Music reviews ‘Moving East’

Reviewed By: Carl Bookstein Jimmy Rankin’s latest album ‘Moving East’ speaks a universal language. It is about coming home, wherever home is. A true voice in Canadian music, he has returned from Nashville to Nova Scotia. But on ‘Moving East’ … Continue reading

Ledevoir reviews ‘Moving East’

Reviewed By: Sylvain Cormier Célébrée, essentielle est la famille Rankin dans le paysage folk des Maritimes (et ici : on a ressorti leur merveilleux album de Noël, comme chaque année depuis 21 ans). Être un Rankin tient du privilège et … Continue reading

Stewart Fenwick reviews ‘Moving East’

Reviewed By: Stewart Fenwick The Rankin Family were a Canadian institution back in the 90’s conjuring up a fresh Celtic approach which also crossed over into Country music and other genres. Their albums have sold over 1.5 million copies. Tragedy … Continue reading

Folk Radio reviews ‘Moving East’

Reviewed By: Mike Davies Originally co-lead singer with renowned Canadian folk outfit The Rankin Family, Jimmy Rankin went solo in 2001 and, produced by Joel Plaskett, Moving East is his seventh album, the first in four years. The comes from … Continue reading

Paris Move reviews ‘Moving East’

Reviewed By: Patrick Dallongeville Encore peu connu sur nos rivages, Jimmy RANKIN n’en est pas moins issu d’une formation extrêmement populaire au Canada, la RANKIN FAMILY. Comme leur nom l’indique, il s’agissait d’un ensemble familial qui trusta vingt ans durant … Continue reading

Lonesome Highway’s High Praise for Moving East

The seventh album from the easily likeable Rankin. Simply put, this Canadian singer/songwriter is a must for anyone who enjoyed Springsteen’s Seeger Session. This full-blooded high-octane folk music is given the kind of production that is both stirring and strident. … Continue reading