Fan-Generated Video for New Single Is Released

Jimmy asked fans to send in videos showing what they do after a hard week at work…and they delivered!

This video, set to ‘Whiskey When The Sun Goes Down‘ from Back Road Paradise, is made from videos sent in by fans and some footage of Jimmy performing and recording his official music video.

Look for appearances from Johnny Reid, Leah Daniels, Patricia Conroy, Beverley Mahood, Jess Moskaluke, The Pirates of Halifax…and Bubbles from ‘Trailer Park Boys’

Big thanks to all the fans and artists who submitted videos. We hope you enjoy the video!


Edited by Roo – Dale Speaking

Big Thanks To:

Christine Smith
Lee and Dougie Rice
Ceilidh and Zander Webster
Steve Goldthwaite
The Herald Crew
Jason Rideout
Colton Craft
Rick Card
Debbie Green
Johnstown Family
Jeannie, Lindsay and Val
Anthea and Douglas
Tammy Power
Gail McNeil
Adam MacLennan
The Real Housewives of BVJ
K. Wilson
Bernadette, Joe, Shane, and Rebekah Westin
Grant Carabin
Adam Maclennan
Scott Parkes
Karen Murphy
Paul Ferguson

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